Smart Contract
Doge Fight Club NFTs will be embedded within smart contracts. The purpose of smart contracts is to allow for NFT transferability. A smart contract that owns the NFT will allow the transfer to another user based on rules and events defined in the smart contract. Alternatively, smart contracts can also be embedded to Doge Fight Club NFTs to call and access assets within the NFT.
Minting & IPFS
As you may already know, freshly minted NFTs are linked to another system. Doge Fight Club will be using IPFS over HTTP for the following reasons:
A HTTP link allows you to access contents of your NFT .jpeg file so long as the server is up. But because the HTTP link doesn’t give your file an unique identifier, any server owner can replace the NFT jpeg file with something different.
To ensure the security of your asset, we're choosing to use IPFS because it is distributed and requires the use of content identifiers (CID) on the blockchain to access the asset. Unlike hosted solutions like HTTP, once it's uploaded it cannot be removed.
Last modified 8mo ago
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