Doge Fight Club are collections of NFTs with a community DAO created by our founders in collaboration with seasoned global artists. Together they formed a team of experienced entrepreneurs, developers and creatives to create and distribute Doge Fight Club characters in a never seen before format.
We want to take the opportunity of the initial collection launch to share with our community the scope and continuity of our upcoming Doge Fight Club Metaverse. In fact, we have so many ideas stemming from the original concept that the team has committed to the release of additional collection as airdrops. (Don’t worry, OG Doge Fight Club members will get first dibs!)
Backed by an experienced team of entrepreneurs, developers and crypto enthusiasts, Doge Fight Club is set to allocate the necessary resources to build a strong community. From giveaways, raffle draws, contests to delivery of educational NFT resources, the team is set to make this a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all community members.
Pre-launch - 700 Doge Fighters generated with 140 unique traits are ready to enter the Octagon fight ring. Additional collections are currently being planned as airdrops and staking for $KRP is on its way. Keep up with our community on Discord to be the first to learn our release, presale, and launch dates. Phase One Growing the Doge FC community Partnering with likeminded NFT experts and projects OG Role / Pre-sale whitelist to the most active Doge FC members Goal of 5,000 Discord community members strong Over $100,000 USD allocated to community development Official Doge FC NFT Presale / Public Sale
20% - We will be hosting a derivative artwork contest and curation process to support up-and-coming artists.
50%. - KnockOut Rewards Program begins!


  • Access to Fighter’s Corner for trading tips, research reports, investment alphas, and other trading related resources
  • Use Doge Fight Club NFTs as your mint pass to our future collection presales
  • Access to Doge Fight Club launchpad projects and pre-sale whitelists
  • Get exclusive Doge Fight Club merchandise
  • Participate in weekly giveaways and raffles draws
  • Name your Doge Fighter
  • Access to the Octagon and train your Doge Fighter.
  • Additional rewards will be regularly added to the Knockout Rewards Program, check back soon for more!
100% - DFC Community DAO - 50 ETH will be deposited to the community wallet for ongoing community development.
Doge Fight Club Game: Play-to-Earn Prizes! Doge Fight Club Metaverse development begins Selection of in-game Doge Fighters based on our OG Doge NFT collection Gain strength from wins against the toughest opponents in the Octagon fight ring, space and beyond Play-to-earn games for community prizes
Bonuses ✓ Podcast: Doge Fight Club University Deflationary: Creation of the Octagon allowing members to combine two Doge Fighters
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