The Doge Fight Club team consists of 7 team members, each contributing to their areas of expertise in artwork design, technical development, community management and marketing. Curious to learn more about the team behind the project? Get to know the two founding members of the Doge Fight Club team:
Elliot Ngai, Creator of Doge Fight Club
Elliot is co-founder of Doge Fight Club and active investor in the blockchain space. Beyond Doge Fight Club, Elliot runs a payroll and payments software company. Elliot brings his extensive entrepreneurial experience and expertise in the payments industry to foster the growth of Doge Fight Club's community. Linkedin | Twitter
Wister Ng, Creator of Doge Fight Club
Wister is co-founder of Doge Fight Club and leader in software development. With a background in web development, DApps, molecular genetics, payments & FX trading, Wister brings a diverse perspective to our global development team.
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