Investment Thesis
The initial launch of Doge Fight Club will feature 700 unique Doge Fighter characters which include 140+ traits. They will be distributed fairly using an image generation algorithm to ensure equal opportunity to mint the rarest Doge Fight Club NFTs. Remember, no two NFTs are exactly alike, but some traits are more rare than others.
Doge Fight Club strives to embody timelessness and longevity in the digital artwork we release, marrying a classic meme with a timeless combat sport. The team is committed to IPFS storage and top-notch curation of unique traits and backgrounds for all Doge Fight Club NFTs.
This project delivers more than just a piece of digital artwork. Doge Fight Club is a project that seeks to leverage the NFT as more than just a piece of digital artwork to bring its community additional value and liquidity. Members can look forward to additional airdrops in addition to staking for $KRP.
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