The DFC Metaverse
For thousands of years, Doges have lived side by side with humans as their loyal and constant companions. It’s been a comfortable kind of life for the Doges, if not a little dull. Growing bored of this sheltered experience, Doges began to communicate with each other on their outings to the dog park to start an underground organization to gain strength and independence from humans. Thus, Doge Fight Club was born.
At the Doge Fight Club, the Doges lead double lives. The adorable Doges meet up each night to unwind from the strict training they follow at home and allow themselves to playfight. They’ve repurposed the ridiculous clothing that their owners force them to wear: collars have become champion belts, winter boots have become boxing gloves, and costumes have become gym shorts.
The top 3 highest ranked Doges in the Fight Club are crowned and run the Doge Fight Club. Ranking is based on the number of matches the Doge Fighters win and the number of new Doge Fighter recruits they have invited to join the underground network.
Despite gaining strength and independence from their humans, the Doge Fighters face one obstacle wherein lies the fate of Doge Fight Club: The Animal Control Squad. The Animal Control Squad (ACS) is on nightly patrol threatening to shut down the octagon and other animal groups. How will the Doge Fighters save themselves and other animals from the same predicament?
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