Knockout ($KRP) Rewards Program
For all Doge Fight Club NFT holders, we’re excited to introduce you to the Knockout Rewards Program. It’s the easiest way to enjoy the utility of your Doge Fight Club NFT beyond access to the Doge Fight Club Metaverse.
It’s easy for holders to earn Knock Out Reward Points ($KRP), all you have to do is stake your Doge Fighters. Earn 1 Knockout Reward Point ($KRP) DAILY by staking your Doge Fighters. Here’s what being a part of the Knockout Rewards Program can get you:
  • Access to Fighter’s Corner for trading tips, research reports, investment alphas, and other trading related resources
  • Use Doge Fight Club NFTs as your mint pass to our future collection presales
  • Access to Doge Fight Club launchpad projects and pre-sale whitelists
  • Get exclusive Doge Fight Club merchandise
  • Participate in weekly giveaways and raffles draws
  • Name your Doge Fighter
  • Access to the Octagon and train your Doge Fighter.
  • Additional rewards will be regularly added to the Knockout Rewards Program, check back soon for more!
DFC Octagon (Deflationary)
Have you ever wished you could influence the uniqueness and rarity of NFTs in your collection? If so, the Doge Fight Club community is where you want to be.
We’re offering members the opportunity to combine any two Doge Fight Club NFTs of your choosing bringing a personal touch to your favorite Doge Fighter character with the benefit of increasing the rarity of your collection.
The idea is simple, you select two Doge Fight Club NFTs with traits you want to combine and one Doge Fight Club NFT emerges with unique traits from both. By doing so, you’re effectively eliminating one Doge Fight Club NFT from the ecosystem including any traits you did not combine.
As an added bonus, the reduction in the Doge Fight Club NFT supply makes the rest of your Doge Fight Club NFT collection even more valuable.
This will be available when the initial sale hits the 100% milestone. There will be no fees associated with merging two Doge Fight Club NFTs aside from NFT gas fees.
Below Floor Buy Back
With the surge of NFT artwork in recent months, we’re well aware of the implications of our Doge Fight Club floor prices on the valuation of our NFTs. That’s why it’s important to us to designate royalty funds for the community DAO.
To mitigate this concern for Doge Fight Club members, we’re going the extra mile to implement below-floor buyback.
In order to do this, we will be using part of the 7.5% royalty proceeds collected from the sales of Doge Fight Club NFTs to facilitate below-floor buyback should that be necessary. That means the Doge Fight Club team will have the option to buy back should the Doge Fight Club NFTs fall below floor pricing.
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