Building an ecosystem
All Doge Fight Club members all get equally weighted rights regardless of the number of NFT artwork they own. This means the ability to vote on various decisions such as new challenges, collaborations with new artists, auctions, virtual exhibitions, merchandise, new series and others. The more you contribute, the more influence you will have over the direction of the Doge Fight Club!
Community DAO
On top of earning Knockout Reward Points ($KRP) daily, Doge Fight Club NFT holders will have Doge Fight Club Community DAO and voting rights over the DAO's assets. 23% royalties from secondary sales will be going back to the Doge Fight Club community DAO. 20% of which will be designated for our community fund and 3% to weekly giveaways and other fun perks for the entire community. Please note: Upon reaching 100% sales of our initial collection, Doge Fight Club will allocate 50 ETH to the Doge Fight Club Community DAO.
Air Drops
To provide additional value to original Doge Fight Club members, additional collections have been planned and will be developed and sold separately upon reaching a 100% sold milestone.
For every 2 Doge Fight Club NFTs from our initial collection members hold, there will be opportunities to mint 1 NFT free of charge from each of our second and third collections.
A 7.5% royalty will apply to all secondary sales and used to fund the community DAO, future developments and other miscellaneous cost.
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