Welcome to Doge Fight Club, a Doge-inspired fight club where members create meaningful friendships and share their passion for collecting NFTs, contribute to the future direction of art collections and gain firsthand access to future drops. This includes pre-sales of second and third Doge Fight Club NFT collections drops.
At Doge Fight Club, we're striving to take member-driven Doge Fight Club Metaverse to the next level. We believe Doge Fight Club artists should interact with community members as the story progresses. Now with the help of a passionate NFT community, our members will be able to be part of the artwork and game creation process. The Doge Fight Club Metaverse and collectable NFTs is the beginning of a joint endeavour towards directly funding artwork you want to see.
In this official Whitepaper, you will find everything you'll want to know about our project. From the origin story to a deep dive into our roadmap thus far, future plans, and technicalities to the team backing the project.
We hope you’ll take the time to read through this Whitepaper, discover valuable information and more reasons to join the Doge Fight Club.
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